How to Manage My Time When Playing League of Legends?

League of Legends is surely a great game that millions of people enjoy playing. The huge community of LoL consists of teenagers to middle-aged gamers, amateur players that just want to chill out and clear their mind off to professional players that want to achieve the greatest titles. Whichever you are, you should not forget that you are playing a virtual game and there are some things that need to be done as a human being. So whether you are an amateur player that plays the game occasionally or a professional player that dedicates your life playing this game, you need to manage your time when playing LoL.


Managing time in video games is really important, but time management in League of Legends is just much more important. The reason for this is that this is an online game and the design of the game makes you want to play more and more: For example, you just lost a game and feel like to take revenge or want to perform better, you go into a new game and everything starts over. Make sure to check out our image boxes. Or even worse, if you are aiming to reach a certain rank you might forget that you are playing just a game and lock yourself in front of the computer. But even if you are a professional player you need to plan and make good time management in LoL.