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Schedule your Days and Weeks

Some people just don’t like to schedule their time and always live in the moment. This is actually not a bad habit, and forcing people to schedule their time precisely can sometimes bore them. On the other hand, some people might even say “I will eat my peanuts at 7.00 PM”. For them, managing time in LoL would be easier. Just putting your responsibilities before you start playing the game and giving every task enough time will be enough. But if you are not this type of person, just say something like “I’ll start playing when I’m done working” or you can even say “I’ll finish up my work in the morning and play all night”. You don’t have to be a super planner for this, just remind yourself when to play and you will be fine!

How to Manage my Time as a Professional Player?

If you are planning to become to a certain rank, or even better become a professional player you should manage your time too. It is clear that the majority of your hours in a day will be spent playing and practicing League of Legends, but you always need to remember that you have other duties. Sitting all day can be unhealthy for you, even if your gaming chair is super cool so you might want to do some exercises. And don’t forget to give enough breaks for yourself; both for meals and to clear your mind off. If you don’t do these and keep on playing, it will not be a sustainable training method for you: At one point your body will start to fail and you will get sick from time to time. And if you don’t want to end up as Uzi did, you need to do this system always to keep playing the game. And remember, you don’t always have to put these into paper and schedule it detailly, just knowing that you should do these will help you a lot!